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Curriculum Vitae

Jason Farr  





Georgetown University | July 2022 - Present
Assistant Teaching Professor, Ethics Lab

Georgetown University | Aug 2021 - July 2022                                

Postdoctoral Fellow, Ethics Lab


Georgetown University | Aug 2015 - Aug 2021                          

Ph.D. in Philosophy                                                                          

Northern Illinois University | Aug 2012-May 2015

M.A. in Philosophy                                                                                                               

University of Virginia | Aug 2006-May 2009

B.A. in Political Philosophy, Policy, and Law  




Metaethics is Social: Broadening Social Themes in Expressivism and Kantian Constructivism

Committee Chair: Margaret Little

Committee Members: Mark Murphy and Mark Lance


Lisa Singh, Agorista Polyzou, Yanchen Wang, and Jason Farr, “Social Media
  Data – Our Ethical Conundrum,” IEEP Data Engineering Bulletin, Special
  Issue on Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Fairness and Artificial Intelligence

  Systems, Accepted and Forthcoming.



Fritz Fellowship - Georgetown University | 2020

  • Awarded an interdisciplinary fellowship under Ethics Lab and the Computer Science department at Georgetown University to study the ethics of conducting social media research with machine-learning algorithms.

Rafelson Essay Prize - Northern Illinois University | 2015

  • Awarded to one philosophy graduate student per year for outstanding achievement in philosophical essay writing.



Georgetown University


Instructor of Record


  • PHIL135: Intro to Tech, Ethics, and Society | Spring 2022

  • PHIL110: Social Media and Democracy | Fall 2021

  • PHIL109: Ethics of AI | Spring 2021, Fall 2022

  • PHIL105: Bioethics | Fall 2020

  • PHIL148: Meta-Ethics | Spring 2020

  • PHIL124: Environmental Ethics  | Fall 2019

  • PHIL010: Introduction to Ethics | Summer 2018, 2016

  • PHIL020: Introduction to Philosophy | Summer 2017


Teaching Assistant

  • PHIL099: Political and Social Thought, Madison Powers | Spring 2018

  • PHIL099: Political and Social Thought, Terry Pinkard | Fall 2017

  • PHIL010: Introduction to Philosophy, Judith Lichtenberg | Spring 2017

  • PHIL020: Introduction to Philosophy, James Mattingly | Fall 2016

  • PHIL010 (Grader only): Introduction to Ethics, James Olsen | Spring 2016                                            

  • PHIL 010: Introduction to Ethics, Nancy Sherman | Fall 2015


  • “A Social Account of the Game of Assertion,”
    Gateway Graduate Conference: Philosophy in a Social World | 2019


  • Comments on Yarran Hominh’s “Oppressive Social Practices and the Explanation of Individual Action”
    Georgetown University MAP Conference: Understanding Oppression | 2018


  • “Quasi-Realism and Objectivity”
    Northern Illinois university, Rafelson Colloquium | 2015

  • “Courses of Action and Consequences”
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Graduate Philosophy Conference | 2014

  • Comments on Tatyana Kostochka’s “Just Another Epistemic Goal: The Value of Truth and the Disengaged Standpoint”
    Northern Illinois University, 7th Annual Northern Graduate Conference | 2013




  • Conference Presentation Chair, American Philosophical Association | 2021

  • Organization Committee, Georgetown MAP Conference: Understanding Oppression | 2018

  • Volunteer, Central Division Meeting, American Philosophical Association | 2014

  • Organizer, 7th Annual Northern Graduate Conference in Philosophy | 2013

  • Philosophy Graduate Student Advisory Council, Northern Illinois University | 2013

  • Facilitator, Northern Illinois University Bold Futures Workshops | 2015




Georgetown University

Spring 2020

  • Special Topics in Bioethics (Audit)

Spring 2017

  • Hegel

  • Nicomachean Ethics

  • Pragmatics and Social Reality

Fall 2016

  • Kant

  • Rawls

  • Ethics Proseminar

Spring 2016

  • Intermediate Logic (Meta-Logic)

  • Social Epistemology

  • Metaphysics Proseminar

Fall 2015

  • Epistemology Proseminar

  • Aristotle’s Biology

  • Frege, Russell, Wittgenstein


Northern Illinois University

Spring 2015

  • Global Justice (Audit)

  • Metaphysics (Audit)

  • Paradoxes (Audit)

Fall 2014

  • Disagreement

  • Ethical Theory: Paternalism (Audit)

  • Metaphysics: What are you (Audit)

Spring 2014

  • Philosophy of Logic: Truth

  • Free Will

  • Political Philosophy (Audit)

Fall 2013

  • Directed Readings: Climate Change and Moral Philosophy

  • Consequentialism

  • Philosophy of Mind: Physicalism

Spring 2013

  • Truth Conditional Pragmatics

  • Practical Reasoning

  • 20th Century Analytic Philosophy

Fall 2012

  • Intermediate Logic

  • Advanced Ethical Theory

  • Epistemology

University of Virginia

Fall 2011

  • Capitalism and Human Good

  • Thomas Reid



Nature Camp Foundation

   Board of Directors, Member At-Large (service) | 2018 - present

  • Attend and participate in bi-annual budget meetings and give input on matters from scholarships to diversification to meal and salary budgeting.

  • Strategize on format and execution of Foundation events, including service weekinds, fall hikes, member reunions, etc.

  • Nominate members for and aid in development of Nature Camp Inc. board of directors.

Nature Camp, Inc.

   Instructor / Counselor | 2006-2011 (Assistant Director in 2011)

  • Designed and taught two-week courses for 6th through 12th grade students.

  • Courses taught include:

    • Introduction to Environmental Ethics

    • Dendrology: Plant Communities & Migration in the Southern Appalachians

    • Introduction to Botany

    • Energy and Waste Systems in the United States

    • Environmental Effects of Agriculture

Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Il

   Graduate Assistant, Internship Office for Humanities Majors | August 2012-May 2015

  • Counsel one-on-one with students looking for internships.

  • Present short lectures on internship opportunities in various classes.

  • Edit and review student résumés and cover letters.

  • Design and maintain website for College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Internship Offices.

  • Manage marketing, including social media, brochures and fliers.

(An Online grocery service geared toward local foods and sustainability)

   Personal Assistant to COO and President, Charlottesville, Va | August 2011-February 2012

  • Managed President’s schedule and company-related expenditures.

  • Wrote and edited emails for President.

  • Coordinated meetings and interviews for President and CEO.

  • Redesigned and implemented website search queries, product trees, and product categorization for thousands of online products.


   Team Leader, Richmond, Va | August 2010-August 2011

  • Managed team of 10 in daily operations of Richmond.

  • Oversaw transportation of goods from farms and stores to fulfillment center, sorting of products, and distribution to sites around the city.

  • Helped design methods and procedures for operations associates.


   Operations Associate, Charlottesville, Va | January 2010-August 2010

  • Transported goods from farms and stores to fulfillment center and then out to sites around the city.

  • Sorted incoming products into outgoing customer bins.

  • Helped design and implement sorting and transportation processes for


Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike | Feb 2012-Jul 2012

  • Planned and executed a 2,180 mile solo hike from Georgia to Maine.





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